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Ignacio Tamarit

Education Public policies Information technologies Machine Learning

Ignacio Tamarit is a leading researcher in the field of Complex Socio-Technical Systems. Ph.D. in Mathematical Engineering (UC3M, Madrid, Spain), his work has been published in some of the world's most prestigious scientific journals, such as PNAS. His research scope ranges from large-scale human behavior and public goods to the analysis of social networks and their impact on the performance and well-being of educational institutions. Within Impact Tools, Ignacio is in charge of the product development, and in particular its data features and applications.

Pol Raguénès

Climate Energy Agriculture & Food Water Forestry

Pol has 10 years of experience in social & environmental impact measure. His first practical work on the matter was a leading social carbon company he co-founded in 2008 and stayed CEO until 2014. Both on development and industrial issues, he deepened its knowledge of many key sectors (climate, energy, water, forestry) through company investments and consultings. Within Impact Tools, Pol ensures organizations are provided with adequate tools for their impact measurement strategies.

Sara Garcia

Education Social business development CSR Public policies

Sara worked for 10 years in all sectors related to development : NGOs in the field, CSR in international firms, public policies in governmental bodies, political parties, social business entrepreneurship... By working with and for many different institutions each focused on solving priority social issues, she gained experience on understanding key factors to success, as well as the complexity of on-ground social impacts. Within Impact Tools, Sara supports organizations in their impact measurement needs definition.


Experts from public and private sustainable finance

Bernard Saincy

Climate Social business development Energy CSR

Bernard did his carreer in worker's union management as well as in the private sector. Former Director of Social Responsibility in Engie, he is now supporting corporates, foundations and non-profit organizations into transforming their models towards sustainability. He teaches on social business and socio-environmental responsibility topics at Paris 13 University. Bernard brings to Impact Tools his deep knowledge of both corporate and non-profit markets, with a strong focus on their practical needs and on implementing effective change management.

Francesca Lipari

Education Gender Public policies SDGs

Francesca researchs how individuals and groups make economic decisions within the contexts of social mobility, environmental issues, gender, human capital, financial decision and inequality. PhD in Economics Theory and Institutions, she currently manages the Master of Science in Management of SDGs in Roma Lumsa's University. Francesca brings to Impact Tools this advanced understanding of measurement & evaluation, and her vision of how metrics frameworks - such as SDGs - should articulate with empirical analysis.

Iñigo Larraya Tejero

Social business development CSR Impact Investment

Iñigo served in multinationals with responsibilities in marketing, CSR and sustainability strategies, and impulsed in parallel many social business initiatives, collaborating with the impact investment and impact measure sector. His track-record, including as CSR & Sustainability at L'Oréal in Spain, and his combined vision of corporate objectives and field realities made him an expert in building efficient partnerships toward better impacts and more transparency.

Lara Viada

Microfinance Social business development Impact Investment

Lara spent 10 years in impact investment and related fields : mentorship, social impact measure, consulting for social start-ups. She managed to work with dozens of different initiatives, each with very different purposes, mainly in US, Europe and Latin America. This deep experience and knowledge of what has worked or not has led to develop her own approach of social and financial follow-up. Lara currently serves as Principal in Creas, the first institutional impact fund in Spain.

Octavie Baculard

Social business development CSR Impact Investment

Octavie started in marketing at Nestlé during 8 years, and later joined a consulting company where she developed survey and qualitative analysis techniques. In 2014, she co-founds KiMSO, the first consulting company in France for advising and evaluating social impacts. In this venture, she supports non-profits, companies and financers to factor impact into their strategy. Octavie brings her vision of these organisations needs to Impact Tools, along with strategic advisory on the french ecosystem.

Ugo López

Education Economic Inclusion Public policies

Ugo Lopez worked during 13 years within or for the European public sector. He has a complete policy expertise, built on both practical experiences in national administrations and on policy-setting in political programs. He recently led political campaigns leading to victory, including for a French MP. Ugo brings its knowledge and qualified insight on policy definition and evaluation to Impact Tools, as well as a clear understanding of the public sector needs.

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