Outcomes & impact measurement is needed for ensuring social results

Financial flows towards developmental issues, poverty reduction and environmental measures are growing, under many schemes : philantropy, impact investment, corporate social responsibility, market mechanisms driven to specific issues, public goods and services financing,...

Nevertheless the precise understanding of outcomes and impacts resulting from these investments are often lightly considered, for economical, capacity or prioritization reasons. This leads to sometimes important misallocation of resources and inappropriate decision-making. Robust outcomes and impacts evaluation are needed for getting all the social results sought by these most welcome investments !


Reduce impact measurement costs by sharing expertise and providing tools

We try to share our expertise in outcomes and impact measure of development and poverty reduction initiatives. Our team's experience has shown us that it is not impossible nor highly to build evaluation schemes along with the programs implementations, and that it provides significant results : better understanding of our actions, better decision-making, long-term improvements of the investments, incentives towards implementation quality, etc.

We do not try to re-invent the wheel ! We keep ourselves updated on the growing and consolidating set of measurement methodologies that are well-accepted by implementers, financers, promoters... Customizations are often needed to fit the specificities but must always be articulated with standards or quasi-standards.

One major objective is cost reduction of outcomes & impacts measurements : for that we use and develop information technologies that allow to systematize repetitive actions, enhance the data storage and visualization, and facilitate multi-users reporting joint efforts.


Multi-sectorial experts focusing on development & poverty reduction good practices

Our team gathers professionals from various sectors of development and poverty reduction. Have a look to our profiles !

Thomas Wacogne

Education Social business development Economic Inclusion Public policies Information technologies

Paris, France

Thomas served in and leaded NGOs and social companies always related to day-to-day inclusion of the poorest, finding ways to maximise impacts of his actions. With more than 8 years experience in this sector and having developed numerous systematization tools (methodologies and applications) for impact follow-up and optimization, he constantly tries to share these learnings and good practices.

Sara Garcia

Education Social business development CSR Public policies

Madrid, Spain

Sara worked for 10 years in all sectors related to development : NGOs in the field, CSR in international firms, public policies in governmental bodies, political parties, social business entrepreneurship... By working with and for many different institutions each focused on solving priority social issues, she gained experience on understanding key factors to success, as well as the complexity of on-ground social impacts.

Pol Raguénès

Climate Energy Agriculture & Food Water Forestry

Madrid, Spain

8 years of experience in social & environmental impact measure, Pol co-founded in 2008 a leading social carbon company and was its CEO until 2014. Both on development and industrial issues, he deepened its knowledge of many key sectors (climate, energy, water, forestry) through company investments and consultings.

Pierre Raguénès

Economic Inclusion Information technologies Addictions Smart cities

Paris, France

Pierre has a strong experience on information technologies and developed many application related to smart cities and public goods. During his whole life he committed to help people in tragic situation to find their way to re-integration (to society, to the labor market etc.). He now dedicates himself to combining data, science and techonology with social purposes.

Lara Viada

Microfinance Social business development Impact Investment

Madrid, Spain

Lara spent almost 10 years in impact investment and related fields : mentorship, social impact measure, consulting for social start-ups. She managed to work with hundreds of different initiatives, each with very different purposes, mainly in US, Europe and Latin America. This deep experience and knowledge of what has worked or not has led to develop her own approach of social and financial follow-up.

Iñigo Larraya Tejero

Social business development CSR Impact Investment

Madrid, Spain

Iñigo served in multinationals with responsibilities in marketing, CSR and sustainability strategies, and impulsed in parallel many social business initiatives, collaborating with the impact investment and impact measure sector during about 8 years. His combined vision of corporate objectives and field realities helps him build efficient partnerships toward better impacts and more transparency.

Aurélien Cartal

Climate Social business development Energy CSR Agriculture & Food

Lima, Peru

Aurélien navigated between Europe and South America and experienced in the last 10 years many sides of the social and environmental impact generation : environmental audits for multinationals, carbon measure for climate change projects, social entrepreneurships. His positions and the partners he had in these ventures, from the poorest in the South to industrial CEOs, gave him excepcional insights on how to make great ideas become successful social changes, and to make sure of it.

Abdou Mourahib

Climate Education Social business development Energy CSR Forestry

Paris, France

Abdou has 10 years of experience in CSR initiatives, and social business development or support. With a financial eye, he helped to transform good ideas into sound high-impact companies in various sectors : education, climate and environment, forestry etc. He now helps all actors in the development and poverty reduction sector to consolidate, understand its outcomes both at financial and at social level, and to maximize them.