Outcomes & impact measurement strategy

We provide advice and services at every steps of the outcomes & impact measurement process:

  • Define
  • Plan & budget
  • Train
  • Implement
  • Report
  • Improve


3rd-party evaluation and measurements of social outcomes & impacts

We implement outcome & social impact evaluation and measurement campaigns based on existing sets of indicators. We provide full transparency of statistical sampling, data treatment processes, and all reports are web-accessible.

We provide all types of evaluation and measurement campaigns : depending on the size, the budget and the objectives, we mix quantitative and qualitative techniques, and can provide ready-to-use communication materials.


Building and management of technological tools for impacts measurements

We offer an inclusive solution gathering most needed features for outcomes and social impacts measurement : indicators browsing through international databases (Sustainable Develpment Goals, IRIS, GRI etc.), indicators selection, stakeholders info management, survey campaigns management, survey implementation, custom reports. Being online, our Impact Space allows you to share information, tasks and materials with your team all over the world.

We build specific reporting tools on demand, adjusted to the needs and to how the data is collected.

We provide specific tools for survey campaigns management.